IDOORS is a trademark of TREM SRL
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33170 Pordenone (PN) - Italy
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The following conditions of sales regulate the selling of products commercialized by Trem Srl through the web site
All the purchases made through the web site, will be regulated by these conditions of sales (in accordance with the Italian law and, in particular the D.Lgs. 70/2003 concerning the e-commerce and D.Lgs. 206/2005 with specific reference to the regulations about distance contracts). Any changes or new conditions will be communicated promptly.

1) Examination of the purchase agreement
To be able to purchase one or more products on the website, the user must register by providing all the requested data, insert the model/color, the profile, the dimensions and quantities chosen, add them to the cart, specify if transportation is required and complete the purchase by following the check-out procedure. Only after confirming the purchase and receiving the payment, Trem Srl will put the material into production according to the specifications and delivery times indicated. Alternatively, you can save the quotation in your account and confirm it or modify it later. The order can be considered confirmed and the contract finalized when Trem Srl receives the payment and delivers the goods to the customer in accordance to the details indicated on the order confirmation. If the requested products are not available in that moment, Trem Srl will communicate it within 7 days from the date of the order, without any responsibilities for this. The contract can be considered closed when the material is by the customer. By confirming the order as it is, the customer accepts all the indications on it and all the general conditions of sales.

2) Purchasing on Idoors
The customer can buy only the products available on the web site as they are described on the technical sheets. The pictures on the web site want to help the customer in the choice of the model, but they could not represent the exact aspect of the delivered product.

The only valid color, tone and grain reference is the one of the samples.
Small color variations if compared to the ones of the samples do not bring to any disputes and have to be accepted because, for natural products as wood, which is a living material, the coloring and/or the grain could be subjected to variations. So it is quite normal that one door could be slightly different from another one even if they are part of the same batch.

3) Order and delivery of the products
Trem Srl delivers its products through specialized couriers. Transport costs are charged to the customer and are clearly underlined on the order confirmation. Transport costs can vary depending on the destination, the total weight and the volume of the goods. All the deliveries are covered by insurance.
Trem Srl is not responsible for any delays in delivery attributable to the courier, as it is not responsible for any loss or damage to the products after delivery of the products to the Customer.

Deliveries, for private customers, always take place with telephone notice, where the time slot / day of delivery is agreed. However, maximum availability is required from the customer during the days scheduled for delivery (Monday to Friday).
Unlike express couriers, which leave notice and guarantee the second passage, for the transporters of pallets and heavy goods, the stock level notice is triggered at the first empty passage. The costs of storage and possible new delivery, which will be calculated from time to time, are charged to the customer and will be requested later.

When the customer receives the goods he has to check the material carefully. If the package is damaged the customer has to receive the package signing it as “ Goods unchecked”; in this way he can check the material and inform us about the state of the goods. It is also necessary to always specify the reason for the reserve (eg packaging broken, crushed, damaged, laundry, wet, perforated, obvious damage to the product, etc.).

We can’t accept any claims for transport damages if they haven’t been noticed on the transport document returned to the courier. Any damages must be communicated no later than 3 working days from goods receipt. In case of missing packages or damages verified at the unloading, Trem Srl will provide the new pieces free of charge.

4) Order cancellation
The dispatch of the products can be suspended if the customer doesn’t pay the amount due. If Trem Srl doesn’t deliver the goods within 30 days from the confirmed delivery date, the customer can have the full refund of the order. The cancellation of the order can’t occur after 24 h from the date of payment.Any changes to the order must be sent within 24 hours after the payment / confirmation. Changes made after this period cannot be taken into consideration. In case of cancelation within 24 hours, Trem Srl will refund the order amount excluded the management costs of 35,00 € or raise a coupon discount of the same amount (without the management costs) that can be used to make a new order. Any cancellation received after 24 hours must be discussed every time with Idoors staff based on the progress of the order.

5) Payments
The customer can buy the products on the website using the payment methods as indicated during the purchasing process, indicating the order confirmation number (communicated by e-mail) on the reason for payment. To accelerate the delivery time, it would be advisable to send us per fax or e-mail a copy of the payment. Trem Srl will give the goods to the courier only after having received the payment (if other payment methods haven’t been agreed between Trem Srl and the customer). Goods have to be paid for their total amount with the following methods:
    VISA, Mastercard, Diners and Maestro; payment will be done through Paypal secure server.
    payment must be done before the dispatching of the goods.
    "Jetzt kaufen, später bezahlen". Die Zahlung erfolgt in 2 oder 3 Raten. Die erste Rate wird beim Kauf fällig, die anderen werden in den folgenden Monaten abgezogen. Sie können Sie mit Kredit-/Debitkarten, Prepaid-Karten (einschließlich Postepay) oder digital (Revolut, N26, Business Card) der Kreditkarten Visa, Mastercard und Amex bezahlen. Um mehr zu erfahren, besuchen Sie
Here below our bank details:
BANCA di Credito Cooperativo Pordenonese
Filiale di Cecchini di Pasiano
IBAN No.: IT 29 E 08356 64930 000 000 001 109

6) Guarantee
The seller guarantees to the customer, for the period of 2 years after the delivery of the goods, that products are free from production defects that can make them unusable.
The seller is dispensed with this guarantee when the Customer didn’t use the products in the correct way or changed them without the seller’s assent or didn’t communicate promptly any defects or faults.

The seller is dispensed with this guarantee when:
a) the replacement or repair of the products depends on circumstances beyond our control or on customer’s negligence;
b) products or part of them have been used or stocked in a not properly way.

Apart from cases of misconduct or great negligence from the Seller, the only responsibility is limited to the obligation of repairing/replacing defective products.
In no case the Seller’s responsibility can be extended to indirect or incidental damages or losses, suffered by the customer because of some faults and defects of the products.
On the replaced product, the guarantee starts from the delivery date.

7) Non-compliance and claims
Delivery of goods which are not prefabricated and have been manufactured on the basis of a personal choice or according to customer specifications, or of goods which have clearly been tailored to the customer’s personal requirements.
Any claim must be addressed in written to:

Trem Srl
Via delle Crede, 10/F
33170 Pordenone (PN)
Or per e-mail to

In the case of:
  • damages reported over 3 days after delivery and caused by the customer's negligence, the replacement of the piece and the delivery costs will be completely charged to the customer;
  • production defects (eg: incorrect color, size or profile, lacquering / finishing defects, etc.), found later and reported over 3 days after delivery, the material will be replaced free of charge. At our discretion, the return of defective material may be requested at customer’s costs.
  • Non-compliant or missing products: the customer may ask for a refund of the amount paid with consequent conclusion of the contract without any additional charges / obligations for Trem Srl.

*** In all cases in which damage or defects of conformity are found, it is necessary to send photos and a description of the type of problem or defect found.

Idoors will try to restore or replace the pieces as quickly as possible; in some cases and for some finishes, however, it is not possible to reduce production times compared to the standard ones indicated in the product data sheets. When the goods are delivered, pay close attention to removing the packaging with blades or cutters and unloading the goods from the pallet; we suggest to be at least two people to move the heaviest pieces. Damages caused by the use of blades, accidental drops or other forms of negligence such as scratches, bumps, etc. are easily recognizable and not covered by a guarantee or free replacement. We recommend keeping the packages until the end of the assembly process.

8) Retention of title clauses
Trem Srl has the right to reserve the ownership on everything as described on the invoice, even in case the product has already been installed and wall-fixed. The above mentioned retention of title will be in force until the buyer has settled all outstanding invoices from the seller, plus interests and expenses. With reference to Article n° 1523, and successive article of the Italian Civil Law, the title to reserve the ownership will be maintained, even in case of prolongation of payment terms or renewals.

10) Privacy and data protection
The purchase agreement between the customer and Trem Srl is considered closed in Italy and regulated by the Italian law. For any dispute, the land jurisdiction is only the one of Pordenone. However, when the customer acts as a "consumer", the place of jurisdiction where the customer lives or has elected domicile is competent.
Personal data are collected in order to register the customer and provide him with the procedures for the execution of this contract and all the necessary communications; these data are processed electronically in compliance with the laws and can be produced only upon request of the judicial authority or other authorities authorized by law.
Personal data will be communicated to the people in charge to carry out activities necessary for the execution of the contract and used exclusively for that purpose.
The attention to the safety and confidentiality of customer data is a priority for the supplier and information about people, company, orders is strictly confidential and the supplier will not spread or sell any information to external companies for promotional purposes.
The information provided can only be used to send newsletters, communicate news, special promotions, new product offerings, unless a contrary intention has been expressed at the time of registration or subsequently by sending an e-mail to
The customer, by signing the appropriate model of the informative and consent, declares to have been informed of all the elements stated by art. 13 of d.lg 30th June 2003 nr 196 and gives his consent, under the clause 23 of the above decree, to the fact that its personal data are treated according to the law and eventually communicated to third parties and (or transferred to countries within the European Union or in third countries according to art. 42 and 43 of the decree, especially to foreigners, even outside the EU), whose collaboration becomes necessary.