Pochi e semplici passi per ottenere il preventivo e acquistare
Only few steps to create your quotation and generate an order
1) Select the category of doors and accessories within the proposed materials (directly from the product area or from the bottom quick quotation)

2) Select one of the available profiles desiderato tra quelli proposti.

3) Set the dimensions in millimeter: first the height, second the width and the thickness* if available
* usually door heights and widths are 3 mm smaller than the cabinet size (ie. A 600 cabinet will use a 597 mm door)
**some accessories need a third dimension (L1)
*** only for the solid timber doors dimensions are fixed (standard sizes). Solid timber doors are in stock and available in 2 weeks’ time (painted solid timber doors needs 4 weeks for dispatching)
4) Where required please select the position of the profile - left (A) or right (C) side edge or top (B) or bottom (D) side edge.

5) For wood veneered doors, in certain case it is necessary to select the grain direction: vertical or horizontal.

6) Set the quantity required.

7) Add all the needed lines until you complete the order. The system will automatically calculate the prices, The amount can include the transport only if selected (DAP).

8) At this point you can decide to:
- Save your order on your account, just enter with login and password if you are already registered or make a new registration. You can always modify your order or simply finalize your order with the check-out process
- Buy the products you have in the chart following the log-in, payment and check-out process

9) If you are a company (with VAT) please proceed with the registration in order to get the most convenient conditions available only for companies.

10) Now the order is confirmed. It will be put in production after the payment confirmation. We kindly ask to check every single line before confirming it. Products ordered will be manufactured according to your specifications and, for this reason, the right of withdrawal cannot be applied.

11) As soon as the material is ready (according to the standard lead times), it will be shipped directly to the given delivery address. Material will be well protected and put on a pallet. The courier makes deliveries only on the ground floor.

All doors reflect the technical data sheets; drillings and holes won’t be provided as well as hardware and hinges.