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Riccardo Berti
Ferrara - April 2024
- SOLID WOOD doors, GRECALE model, white finish

The quality of the Grecale solid wood frame doors is very high...
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Gianni Crepaldi
October 2023 - Florence
- LACQUERED: Bianco puro 9010, Gola 1 profile
We managed to make the holes for the hinges...
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Alexander Franke
Berlino - September 2023
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model - Azzurro naxos FEAN19

Thank you again for the good support over the last...
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Alessandro Boccardi
Livorno - August 2023
I wanted to congratulate with you for the excellent service...
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model - Pale green 6021, matt
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Cristina Mastrostefano
Rome - June 2023
-FENIX: Grigio bromo FEGB06
-FENIX: Bianco kos FEBK02

Satisfied about the chosen material, Fenix material is...
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Fabio Calocero
May 2023 - Bologna
- LACQUERED: Bianco segnale 9003 glossy
- LACQUERED: Beige 1001 glossy

High quality of the product and excellent service...
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Valentina Michelon
Vicenza - June 2023
- HPL: Black marble BMA21

Everything went well, products and delivery. Thanks again.
Andrea Boselli
Trento - April 2023
- FENIX BLOOM: Rosso askja FERA18
- FENIX BLOOM: Giallo kashmir FEGK20
- FENIX BLOOM: Verde comodoro FEVC13
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Valeria Basciu
Cagliari - April 2023
- FENIX NTM: Cacao Orinoco FECA25
- MELAMINE: Rovere nodato husky LMRH80

I believe it is a company that differs from many other...
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Stefano Ciano
Trieste - Avril 2023
- FENIX NTM: Bianco Malè FEBM16
- FENIX NTM: Rosso Jaipur FERJ15

Excellent products and excellent service...
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Franco Lucchini
Trento - March 2023
- MELAMINE: Rovere nodato miele LMRM81
- HPL: Stone black STOB17

My kitchen was built in 1987 so it needed a...
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Falegnameria Geppert
Germany - January 2023
- FENIX doors: Verde comodoro FEVC13
- FENIX top: Grigio londra FEGL08
Michele Bonesi
Bologna - January 2023
- PVC: Abete spazzolato FOSP01

Excellent service, my wife and I are very happy and satisfied with your product, the doors...
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Elena Sferlazzo
Glasgow (UK) - October 2022
- FENIX NTM Nero Ingo FENI09

Fantastic. Really very qualified in everything. Excellent communication. Exceptional products.
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Heike Andre
Munich (DE) - May 2022
- LACQUERED: Bianco segnale 9003 opaco

The ordering process was very professional and extremely friendly.
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Giusy Zappalà
Correggio - May 2022
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model - HPL: Black Marble finish BMA21

The doors are wonderful.
Giusy Divito
Foggia - May 2022
- PVC doors: Rosso Ferrari high gloss finish
- Hinge drilling jig

The doors arrived perfectly packed, I have...
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Paola Capone
Pordenone - Aprile 2022
- White Melamine cabinets
- BIO MORTAR doors: White BIA02 finish, Gola 1 profile
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Antrim finish...
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Flavio Mieli
Livorno - March 2022
- MELAMINE: Matt iuta LMIU74
- MELAMINE: Graphite resin LMRG90

The doors are really of excellent quality...
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Tateo Donato
Ravenna - March 2022
- LACQUERED: Intenso black RAL 9010

B. Silvano
Treviso - February 2022
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Male FEBM16
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Bromo FEGB06
- HPL top: Carbone CAR04
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Raffaele Ranieri
Napoli - February 2022
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD - VENEER: Knotted oak cereal finish RN0532
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD - FENIX NTM: Beige Arizona finish FEBA14...
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Daniela Ciuti
Valfenera (AT) - January 2022
- HPL: Black marble BMA21
- HPL: Stone black STOB17

We are super satisfied. Exceptional material...
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Andrea Dell'Aquila
Paderno D'Adda (LC) - December 2021
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM - LACQUERED: Segnale white 9003 glossy, Jpull profile

Precise and punctual supplier, available where...
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Alberto Bastianello
Venice - November 2021
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Luxor FELU17

The doors look great, they are wonderful and they are silky to the touch. They reflect our....
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Anni Cerise
Aosta - October 2021
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model - PVC: White finish FOHG01, high gloss

In October we bought some Ikea compatible...
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Marina Gulizia
Rapallo - October 2021
- KITCHEN CABINETS: anthracite Melamine
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Efeso FEGE07

Great product, precise and correct company.
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Dario Spirito
Rome - September 2021
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model - FENIX NTM material, Blu fes finish FEBF03, Slab profile

Nicola Calgari
Switzerland - September 2021
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model - LACQUERED: Pure white 9010, matt finish
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model - LACQUERED: Yellow green 6018, matt finish...
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Vincenzo D'Asta
Ragusa - June 2021
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Malè finish, FEBM16

The material is perfect.
Paolo Specchio Mazullo
Napoli - May 2021
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Luxor finish FELU17

Great product.
Alessandro Ridi
Florence - May 2021
- LACQUERED: Pure white RAL 9010, Jpull profile

Cesare Bacci
Florence - May 2021
- HPL doors: Lumix finish LUM01

Everything went fine.
Excellent quality, both of the packaging and of...
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Antonio Gentile
Milan - May 2021
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Kos finish FEBK02

The supply of the doors was successful; the measurements were correct and I was able to...
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Celeste Giussani
Abbadia Lariana (LC) - Avril 2021
- FENIX NTM doors, IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, top
- VENEERED doors, IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, top
- MELAMINE doors, Slab profile
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Virginia De Vellis
Latina - April 2021
- MELAMINE doors: Glaciale knotty oak LMRG79

The purchased doors are of excellent.
Thanks for your professionalism and availability.
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Monica Ferri
Milano - April 2021
- SOLID WOOD doors, MAESTRALEmodel, Florentine cream finish

I am very satisfied; the service was flawless and...
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Massimo Ricci
Parma - April 2021
- PVC doors: matt White finish FOMT00

The experience with IDOORS was very positive...
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Angelo Giubilei
Roma - April 2021
- Kitchen cabinets: anthracite Laminate
- MELAMINE doors: Miele knotty oak LMRM81

Fantastic kitchen even beyond expectations...
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Giulia Monroy
Palermo - April 2021
- FENIX BLOOM doors: Verde Brac finish FEVB21

I must tell you that we are very happy with the final result, your doors are of excellent quality, even...
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Moldova - March 2021
- VENEERED: Smoked oak RT0100

The client's project required a niche in the wall that would break the continuity...
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Paolo Battaglio
Cuneo - March 2021
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Arizona finish FEBA14
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Malè finish FEBM16

Very convenient to place the order, delivery times...
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Antonio Sanfilippo
Paris - March 2021
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model - FENIX NTM: Beige arizona finish FEBA14

The product arrived and we mounted it...
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Ascanio D'Alessio
Udine - March 2021
- KITCHEN CABINETS: white Laminate
- HPL doors: Lumix LUM01 finish

Work and assembly of the doors all ok...
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Nadya Bobova
Levico Terme (TN) – March 2021
- LACQUERED doors: Tele 4 Grey RAL7047

We have renovated our kitchen with the Idoors doors and we are very satisfied!...
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Matteo Passafaro
Milan - February 2021
- MELAMINE doors: Miele knotty oak LMRM81
- LACQUERED doors: Intenso black RAL9005
- HANDLES: Emerald
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Marco Modugno
Milan - February 2021
- LACQUERED doors: White RAL9003, Jpull profile
- LACQUERED doors: Black RAL9005, Jpull profile
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Simonetta Montanari
Bologna - February 2021
- KITCHEN CABINETS, white Melamine
- FENIX NTM, Bianco Kos

The product is of excellent quality and we are...
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Alberto Cecchini
Trento - February 2021
- PVC doors, glossy white finish FOHG01, Slab

Reliable, serious and punctual...
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Nikos scale e parquet
Sassari – February 2021
- Contemporary door GRECALE model - White finish

Our kitchen, with your doors, has become...
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Giovanni Campion
Treviso - November 2020
- HPL: Stone white STOW16
- HPL: Stone ardesia STOA20

We are Giovanni and Tiziana, who have always...
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Roberto Pusceddu
Cagliari - November 2020
- PVC: Ferrari red FOHG21, Poignee profile
- PVC: White FOHG01, Poignee profile

Hello, I have assembled the doors you ordered...
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Valter Giordanengo
Cuneo - October 2020
- PVC: Lava grey FOMT18 e Ash FOFR01

I’d like to thank and recommend IDOORS, because it is a serious company with quality products...
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Marco Di Lorenzo
Roma - September 2020
- doors LEVANTE model, Perla finish

We decided to renovate the kitchen as the...
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Laura Bardone
Bruxelles - September 2020
- FENIX NTM: London Gray FEGL08
- FENIX NTM: Kos white FEBK02
- MELAMINE: True matt white doors LMBV73
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Falegnameria Loguercio
September 2020
- Contemporary door LEVANTE model: Oak finish
Falegnameria Loguercio has chosen to purchase the Levante model doors for...
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Luisa Spedaliere
London - August 2020
- FENIX NTM doors: Blu Fes finish FEBF03

My experience with Idoors has been exceptional from all points of view...
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Maria Marina Corrias
Nuoro - May 2020
- BIO-MORTAR: Arenaria ARE06
- PAINTED: White RAL9010

Excellent quality of the material and very...
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Claudio Lucifora
Milano - May 2020
- MELAMINE: Real matt White LMBV73
- MELAMINE: Anthracite LMAN72

We are very satisfied with the service supplied by...
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Sandra Gianoni di Giglio
Switzerland - March 2020
- BIO-MORTAR: Arenaria ARE06

We are really happy, everything went well and we...
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Beatrice Pivetta
Pordenone - March 2020
- VENEERED doors: Canaletto walnut finish

We had a custom-made entrance in our flat I never liked very much, because it was too monotonous...
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Gianni Paolini
Bologna - February 2020
– LACQUERED: Segnale white RAL9003, high gloss

I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent job done. Thanks.
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Maria Pia Inzerillo
Milan - January 2020
- LACQUERED doors: Crema white RAL9001

Thanks for the seriousness and courtesy shown, the material oft he door is fantastic...
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Stefano Barbarino
Mestre - January 2020
- LACQUERED doors: Signal white RAL9003, Gola1

I had an excellent experience with Idoors, wanting to renew a modern bookcase by closing several...
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Arcangelo Tonioni
Arezzo - January 2020
- FENIX doors: Rosso Jaipur FERJ15

I was very satisfied with the product you sent me. The doors for the kitchen furniture, an old IKEA...
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Giovanni Colombo
Como - June 2019
- FENIX Bianco Kos FEBK02

The website is immediate and very well organized; the estimation and order processes are simple...
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Veronica Marin
Tolmezzo - June 2019

- PVC doors: white FOMT00, Shaker profile

I'm very satisfied of the purchase on the Idoors website. I placed an order for some PVC doors...
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Pierangelo Bozzo
Genova - May 2019
- HPL: Cold Lava COL11

Goods received on time and perfectly in line with my expectations...
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Tiziano Campagnolo
Pordenone - March 2019
- MELAMINE doors: Real matt white LMBV73
- MELAMINE doors: Husky knotty oak LMRH80

I bought some kitchen doors, kind service and...
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Luisa Marta Boni
Desenzano - March 2019
- HPL doors: Light grey LIGR19

Great service, friendly and helpful staff.
The doors are exactly of the ordered size and...
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Massimo Soccali
Como - February 2019
- LACQUERED doors: Segnale white finish RAL9003L

I want to thank the Idoors staff for being so...
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Antonio Talarico
Como - January 2019
- LACQUERED door: Rubino red RAL3003, matt

Please find here enclosed a picture of your beautiful 3003 Ruby red painted doors...
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Rosa Gullo
Varese - January 2019
- Classic door GRECALE: white color.

They delivered perfect doors, the materials correspond to what was published on the...
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Sauro Rossi
Arezzo - October 2018
- PVC door: Frassino FOFR02, Slab + Shaker Profile

People at Idoors have been really nice and helpful.
The delivered doors completely match the given...
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Sigismondo Piccinini
Magenta - August 2018
- LACQUERED doors: Segnale white RAL9003 high gloss finish, Slab + Jpull profile

We are very happy and satisfied with your...
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Barbara Trovato
Messina (IT) - July 2018
- FENIX doors: London grey FEGL08

The product received is very good, I would contact you shortly because I will need other panels...
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Daniela Faraboschi
Milano - February 2018
- LACQUERED doors: Puro white RAL9010

I ordered 2 lacquered doors Ral 9010 for a closet that I need to renovate...
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Alessandro Bruno
Treviso - February 2018
- MELAMINE doors, color Grey Walnut LMNG70

I am really very satisfied.
At Idoors I've found professionalism, availability...
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Ivan Baldan
Venezia - February 2018
- LACQUERED doors: Rubino red RAL3003

I bought red high gloss doors to renovate my kitchen...excellent quality I'm very happy...
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Pietro Filiè
Imperia - January 2018
- PVC doors: White FOMT00, Presa profile
- PVC doors: Nero street FOMT11, PRESA profile

Excellent service, perfect doors and delivered...
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Stefano Armanini
Savona - September 2017
- LACQUERED doors: Rubino red RAL3003, High gloss finish

I am completely satisfied, an excellent service on the whole process, from the initial contact for...
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Daniel Gologoz
Roma - July 2017
- LACQUERED doors: Puro white, RAL9010

Completely satisfied.
Excellent quality and excellent service...
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Federica Doddi
Roma - May 2017
- LACQUERED doors: White RAL9003

Courtesy and professionalism...really good!
Recommended for anyone who wants to...
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Flavio Alifuoco
Rome - May 2017
- LACQUERED doors: pure white RAL 9010, high gloss

To create his wardrobe, Mr. Flavio chose our RAL 9010 glossy lacquered doors.
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Marco De Amicis
Rome - February 2017
- LACQUERED doors: signal yellow, matt finish RAL1003
- LACQUERED doors: pure white, matt finish...

Excellent Italian company, kind and professional...
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Matteo Morelli
Varese - February 2017
- PVC doors: FORV02 wenge
- satin glass pearl white door

I discovered Idoors through the internet and...
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Massimo Careglio
Milano - January 2017
- LACQUERED: Anthracite grey finish RAL7016
- PVC: Ferrari red finish FOHG21

I just wanted to let you know our complete...
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Antonio Girotto
Vicenza - February 2017
- PVC doors, glossy white FOHG01

I found Idoors through the web.
I immediately realized that it was the door...
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Fabrizio Morra
Asti - April 2016
- PVC: White high gloss FOHG01, Slab and Presa profile

I am very satisfied of your products...
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