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Capone Paola
Pordenone - Aprile 2022
- White melamine cabinets
- BIO MORTAR doors: white BIA02 finish, Gola 1 profile
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Antrim finish FEGA26
- HPL top: Stone Vulcano STOV12 finish
Flavio Mieli
Livorno - March 2022

“Really impeccable service, there was a problem on the production and the doors arrived with some small defects, the problem was solved very quickly with a new shipment and a lot of help from their side.
The doors are really of excellent quality and the new kitchen is very nice, precise measurements, very good packaging and shipping."
- MELAMINE doors: Matt iuta LMIU74
- MELAMINE doors: Resina grafite LMRG90

Tateo Donato
Ravenna - March 2022
Finish: glossy, Intenso black RAL 9010
B. Silvano
Treviso - February 2022

The kitchen is now very nice and we are satisfied. Thank you for following us and giving suggestions in the project.
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Male finish FEBM16
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Bromo finish FEGB06
- HPL top: Carbone finish CAR04

Raffaele Ranieri
Napoli - February 2022

I wanted to thank the staff for their excellent work, assistance and patience. I am attaching the photos of my kitchen with Fenix beige Arizona and cereal knotty oak, this is not a replacement.
I only bought the cabinets directly from Ikea, and since I didn't like their doors, I chose yours. I am very happy with the result also because I did the assembly by myself.
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model: VENEER material, knotted oak cereal finish RN0532
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model: FENIX NTM material, Beige Arizona finish FEBA14

Andrea Dell'Aquila
Paderno D'Adda (LC) - December 2021

Precise and punctual supplier, available where possible, courteous where not possible.
Very good material, manufacturing and packaging.
Some difficulties in transport, but after-sales management at the top of the range!
Mrs. Francesca is a guarantee
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model, Jpull profile, white high gloss LACQUERED finish, 9003L

Alberto Bastianello
Venice - November 2021

The doors look great, they are wonderful and they are silky to the touch.
They reflect our expectations.
In addition to the quality of the product, I’d like to rate the assistance received with a 10 score.
I take this opportunity to thank the staff because they gave me a unique help to select the material and the finish and a lot of patience and courtesy.
We like our new kitchen very much, we have a new, more functional and more beautiful place.
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Luxor finish

Anni Cerise
Aosta - October 2021

In October we bought some Ikea compatible doors to renovate my mom's kitchen in France.
Finally, during Christmas time we went to her and, thanks to your work, we gave her a new kitchen.
Everything perfect to the millimetre. There were no problems, except for a drawer, but certainly not your fault: we did the wrong holes for the handle!
My mum is absolutely thrilled, the doors are of excellent quality and the shiny effect is very nice.
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUMmodel, white high gloss PVC finish, FOHG01

Marina Gulizia
Rapallo - October 2021
Great product, precise and correct company
- KITCHEN CABINETS: anthracite Laminate
- FENIX NTM doors: Grigio Efeso finish
Dario Spirito
Rome - September 2021

- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model, Slab profile, FENIX NTM material, Blu fes finish FEBF03
Nicola Calgari
Switzerland - September 2021

Detailed assistance in the order, precise and accurate delivery.
Excellent rendering of the chosen color.
Correct measurements, only some predictable problems with corner mounting (the doors as indicated are thicker than the original Faktum) but very solvable.
Overall a great help to recover an old Ikea kitchen, at the right price.
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, FAKTUM model, LACQUERED 9010 and 6018 matt finish

Vincenzo D'Asta
Ragusa - June 2021
The material is perfect
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Malè finish
Paolo Specchio Mazullo
Napoli - May 2021
Great product
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Luxor finish
Alessandro Ridi
Florence - May 2021
Finish: glossy, pure white RAL 9010
Profile Gola 1
Cesare Bacci
Florence - May 2021
Everything went fine.
Excellent quality, both of the packaging and of the products themselves.
Very good result (superior to the original): we are very satisfied.
- HPL doors: Lumix finish LUM01
Antonio Gentile
Milan - May 2021
The supply of the doors was successful; the measurements were correct and I was able to assemble everything myself
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Kos finish
Celeste Giussani
Abbadia Lariana (LC) - Avril 2021

We are very satisfied.
We have also recommended your company to acquaintances and friends.
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model, Slab profile: FENIX NTM material, Zinco Doha FEZD12
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, Metod model, Slab profile: VENEEREDmaterial, Natural knotty oak finish RN0530
- MELAMINE doors, Slab profile: Real matt white finish LMBV73
- FENIX NTM doors, Slab profile: Zinco Doha Slab FEZD12
- VENEERED doors, Slab profile, Natural Knotted Oak finish RN0530
- Top in FENIX NTM material, Zinco Doha finish FEZD12
- Top in VENEERED material, Natural Knotted Oak finish RN0530

Virginia De Vellis
Latina - April 2021
The purchased doors are of excellent manufacture. Thanks for your professionalism and availability
- MELAMINE doors: Glaciale knotty oak LMRG79 finish
Monica Ferri
Milano - April 2021
I am very satisfied; the service was flawless and the doors are wonderful.
Thanks again, if I need any doors in the future, I will call you directly.
- SOLID WOOD doors, Maestrale model, Florentine cream finish
Massimo Ricci
Parma - April 2021

The experience with IDOORS was very positive.
We appreciated the professionalism, availability and courtesy combined with the excellent quality / price ratio of the doors.
Delivery and packaging are also impeccable: the material was delivered ahead of schedule and perfectly protected and placed on a pallet.
We bought 8 doors to make a custom wardrobe in the attic.
The doors are of the opaque PVC type and are well finished and look a lot like lacquer and, although they were all of different sizes, they all arrived in the correct measurements.
Also very useful is the drilling kit that made it possible to accurately drill the holes in the hinges.
In addition to the quality and excellent value for money, I appreciated the professionalism, availability and courtesy.
Thanks to all the staff and in particular to Francesca always available and punctual in the answers.
Massimo and Lucia
- PVC doors, matt white finish FOMT00

Angelo Giubilei
Roma - April 2021
Fantastic kitchen even beyond expectations. The courtesy of the staff is unique and I was also well advised. I will buy again.
- KITCHEN CABINETS: anthracite Laminate
- MELAMINE doors: Miele knotty oak, LMRM81 finish
Giulia Monroy
Palermo - April 2021

I must tell you that we are very happy with the final result, your doors are of excellent quality, even in small arrangements such as cuts the basic chipboard behaved very well, nothing to do with the IKEA material.
- FENIX BLOOM doors: Verde Brac finish

Paolo Battaglio
Cuneo - March 2021

Very convenient to place the order, delivery times were right as communicated when ordering.
I made some cabinets in Fenix, and the result was excellent
- FENIX NTM doors: Beige Arizona finish
- FENIX NTM doors: Bianco Malè finish

Antonio Sanfilippo
Paris - March 2021
The product arrived and we mounted it.
Everything went fine.
A good experience.
- IKEA COMPATIBLE doors, METOD model - FENIX, Beige arizona finish
Ascanio D'Alessio
Udine - March 2021
Work and assembly of the doors all ok, I would say look changed.
Thank you
- KITCHEN CABINETS: white Laminate
- Doors. HPL, LUM01 finish
Nadya Bobova
Levico Terme (TN) – March 2021

We have renovated our kitchen with the Idoors doors and we are very satisfied!
The quality of the paint is excellent.
The production / delivery times are a bit long but the quality / price ratio is excellent.
We would have had to spend at least triple to get the same doors by ordering them in a furniture store.
-LACQUERED matt doors: Tele 4 Grey finish, RAL 7047 matt

Matteo Passafaro
Milan - February 2021
- MELAMINE doors - Miele knotty oak LMRM81
- LACQUERED doors - RAL 9005 matt
- Emerald HANDLES
Marco Modugno
Milan - February 2021

Everything was perfect: high quality lacquered doors. Very precise drilling kit, quick and comprehensive pre-sales assistance, simple and intuitive website.
We will certainly contact you for other future jobs.
- LACQUERED RAL 9003 and 9005 matt, Jpull

Simonetta Montanari
Bologna - February 2021
The product is of excellent quality and we are happy with the final result both for functionality and aesthetics.
- KITCHEN CABINETS, white Melamine
- FENIX NTM, Bianco Kos
Alberto Cecchini
Trento - February 2021
Reliable, serious and punctual. Highly qualitative product.
- PVC doors, glossy white finish FOHG01, Slab profile
Nikos scale e parquet
Sassari – February 2021

Our kitchen, with your doors, has become beautiful.
They are more beautiful than we expected.
Excellent material, finish and quality.
We are delighted, now the kitchen is really beautiful, it looks new and completely different. Thanks for everything.
- Contemporary door GRECALE model - White finish

Giovanni Campion
Treviso - November 2020

We are Giovanni and Tiziana, who have always been passionate about DIY.
We wanted to renovate our slightly dated but still in good condition kitchen, without spending a fortune. We found the Idoors website on the Internet and we understood that it was what we were looking for.
We were followed with punctuality and courtesy in the various phases of the order and this is the result of our work!
We are very satisfied!
- HPL Stone white STOW16 and Stone ardesia STOA20

Roberto Pusceddu
Cagliari - November 2020
Hello, I have assembled the doors you ordered and I must clearly congratulate you, both for the packaging and protection of the same and for how they look.
- PVC Ferrari red FOHG21 and White FOHG01 Profilo Poignee
Valter Giordanengo
Cuneo - October 2020

I’d like to thank and recommend IDOORS, because it is a serious company with quality products.
I ordered some PVC doors with poignee profile.
I did not need an advice, I took the measurements accurately and I changed the dimensions of some pieces as my kitchen is made up of 2 parts of different brands that I need to unify, but with an inverted contrast; this was also to hide the tops that are no longer the same.
After about 4 weeks I received a well packed pallet.
Even if Idoors asked for the tail lift, the truck unfortunately didn’t have it and we needed to unpack the pallet and carry the doors 2-3 at a time into my house. Immediately after checking the pieces, something was wrong, a door was missing.
We contacted the IDOORS customer service, which has quickly checked with the production and sent me the missing piece within a few days, perfectly packed and perfectly identical to the others. Which is a good thing since I could have made a mistake too, or as sometimes happens during construction, you change your mind and need different pieces. The doors are perfect from every point of view, the cut has been respected to the millimetre and it does not seem that they are the cheapest range in the catalogue.
I made a few holes in an old door just to try the Hinge drilling jig and then I started with the new doors. Fortunately, I didn’t make any mistakes.
At the end of the work I have the kitchen renovated with great satisfaction for having made it by myself and with a considerable cost saving.
- PVC Lava grey FOMT18 e Ash FOFR01

Marco Di Lorenzo
Roma - September 2020

We decided to renovate the kitchen as the structure was still valid, choosing the Levante doors in Perla.
We are absolutely satisfied with the result: the doors are beautiful and of high quality - having to drill them for the hinges you can clearly see what material they are made of. For the rest, impeccable service: kindness, availability, speed, very careful packaging.
We recommend the purchase of the drilling kit it makes the operation quite simple after taking the measurements
- doors LEVANTE model, Perla finish

Laura Bardone
Bruxelles - September 2020

I am very satisfied with the products and service provided by iDoors.
After evaluating some quotes from kitchen shops, I opted for a 'do-it-yourself' kitchen with solid and functional Ikea furniture, and iDoors doors.
I found iDoors a bit by chance, with google searches.
Compared to other more advertised and therefore more well-known manufacturers of Ikea compatible doors (German, Danish, English), I have found in iDoors a much better quality / price ratio, and a wider choice.
After several hesitations, and having put the patience of the very kind staff of iDoors to the test, I opted for a kitchen in London gray and white Fenix.
Choosing the pieces was laborious, not least because my kitchen walls are not linear and required various custom-made side and fill panels.
I am very happy with the result, iDoors allowed me to realize my project for a kitchen of my own, at a much lower overall cost than what I would have incurred by contacting a kitchen shop.
- London Gray FENIX NTM doors FEGL08, Kos white FEBK02
- True matt white MELAMINE doors LMBV73

Falegnameria Loguercio
September 2020
Falegnameria Loguercio has chosen to purchase the Levante model doors for one of its customers, in the Oak finish.
- Contemporary door LEVANTE model, Oak finish
Luisa Spedaliere
London - August 2020

My experience with iDoors has been exceptional from all points of view.
Starting with the patience, professionalism and very helpful advice of the staff, who were able to listen and understand my needs and made me reflect and guided towards the best choices (always making me feel that, rather than selling a product, there was a sincere interest to help me make a choice of quality and functionality for my renewed kitchen).
We chose Fenix ​​and, what can we say? The doors are beautiful, much better than it may seem from the photos on the site! The whole process, from order to delivery, was flawless. All the doors arrived here in London, where we live, perfect and in record time.
I contacted them after the delivery for some practical questions and they were once again very kind and very helpful. The boy who mounted the doors to us (and who does this by profession) was amazed at the quality of the product and the extremely competitive cost (also taking into account shipping costs abroad and labor).
My kitchen now looks new and is beautiful, and I know if there was a problem, I am dealing with an extremely serious and professional company, which gives me even more serenity. We are delighted, thank you! Luisa
- FENIX NTM doors, Blu Fes finish FEBF03

Maria Marina Corrias
Nuoro - May 2020
Excellent quality of the material and very nice doors. Great experience and great support received. Thanks again.
- Biomalta Arenaria ARE06
-High Gloss Painted RAL9010
Claudio Lucifora
Milano - May 2020

Claudio Lucifora, Milan - May 2020 “We are very satisfied with the service supplied by Idoors We have always received timely, courteous and precise answers to our questions. Our kitchen was a bit old and run down. With the new doors and handles it has become new again, with more modern colours. The sizes were all perfect. I highly recommend it "
- White melamine and matt anthracite LMBV73 / LMAN72

Gianoni di Giglio Sandra
Switzerland - March 2020

“We are really happy, everything went well and we like the kitchen very much, it is now very modern. It has become like new, internally it was already very beautiful and well maintained, now with these doors it really looks like new. We are happy and the sizes were all perfect "
- Biomalta Bianco BIA02 e Arenaria ARE06

Beatrice Pivetta
Pordenone - March 2020

We had a custom-made entrance in our flat I never liked very much, because it was too monotonous.
I found the Idoors website and thought to renovate it by changing only the drawer fronts.
I chose the wood veneer material and the Canaletto walnut ”premium” finish.
With the help of my son, it was easy to measure the old drawer fronts and then place the order on the website.
I had some doubts about the position of the profile, but the Idoors staff helped me to resolve my doubts.
They supported me in the choice and explained that the "CGS grain" solution was included in the price.
The doors arrived promptly by courier, despite the already started lock down caused by the COVID-19 emergency.
My husband, who was sceptic at the beginning, was finally happy to have something to do during these days locked at home.
Once the drawers were installed, I understood what the term "CGS grain" meant: all the fronts come from the same veneer sheet.
This solution enhances the elegance and value of real wood.
We are very gratified by the result. Very professional site and staff and excellent quality products at the right price. I would recommend it.
- Wood veneer door, Canaletto walnut finish

Gianni Paolini
Bologna - February 2020
I wanted to congratulate you for the excellent job done. Thanks
– High Gloss Painted RAL9003
Maria Pia Inzerillo
Milan - January 2020
Thanks for the seriousness and courtesy shown, the material oft he door is fantastic
- Painted glossy doors RAL 9001
Stefano Barbarino
Mestre - January 2020

I had an excellent experience with Idoors, wanting to renew a modern bookcase by closing several open compartments, I ordered "signal white" lacquered doors with Jpull profile. In addition to the punctuality of delivery and the very competitive price, the quality of the product surprised me positively; the doors perfectly matched the existing structure.
- Signal white lacquered door, Jpull profile

Arcangelo Tonioni
Arezzo - January 2020
I was very satisfied with the product you sent me. The doors for the kitchen furniture, an old IKEA Faktum model, I replaced them very quickly, the work went well.
- Fenix Rosso Jaipur
Colombo Giovanni
Como - June 2019

The website is immediate and very well organized; the estimation and order processes are simple and fast. Prices are competitive and the website offers a great variety of materials and finishes.
Delivery time has been respected; the material arrived well packaged and protected.
Each door is clearly labelled and the measures were very accurate.
The doors had protective films on both sides and I found no visible imperfections on them. Obviously at the moment I can't say anything about the duration over time.
I chose the Fenix laminate doors, Bianco Kos, thickness 22 mm, that gives a nice impression of solidity but, at the same time, has a considerable weight that can be felt in the door handling as well as in the number of hinges required.
The final judgment can only be five-star. Special thanks to Idoors.
- Fenix Bianco Kos

Veronica Marin
Tolmezzo - June 2019

I'm very satisfied of the purchase on the Idoors website. I placed an order for some PVC doors that arrived well packed even though I made the order just before the holidays. The doors are light, door sizes are correct, excellent price quality! The Idoors staff is very kind and helpful and helped me a lot in my inexperience in making this kind of order. Highly reccomended.
- PVC bianco opaco, Shaker profile

Bozzo Pierangelo
Genova - May 2019

Goods received on time and perfectly in line with my expectations. My order included about 30 doors and most of them with customized sizes that were met to the millimeter. High standard pre and post-sales support. Staff always kind and helpful. Highly recommended.
- HPL Stone Lava

Campagnolo Tiziano
Pordenone - March 2019
I bought some kitchen doors, kind service and advice, quick delivery times.
- Melamine LMBV73 Bianco vero opaco and LMRH80
- Rovere Nodato Husky
Luisa Marta Boni
Desenzano - March 2019
Great service, friendly and helpful staff. The doors are exactly of the ordered size and the quality of the material is really good. I renovated my kitchen with a very low cost and little effort.
- HPL Light grey
Massimo Soccali
Como - February 2019

I want to thank the Idoors staff for being so helpful and for their advice. The structure is of a Salvarani kitchen bought 14 years ago and it was almost perfect.
Before taking a decision we met different furniture companies and the proposals, both in terms of product and costs, were not exciting. In this way my wife and I managed to create a kitchen just like we wanted it.
We have sacrificed a few weekends between drills and various tools, but I would say that we are satisfied, with savings, including tops and appliances, of around 70% compared to a new kitchen.
- High gloss lacquered door, Segnale white finish

Talarico Antonio
Como - January 2019

"Please find here enclosed a picture of your beautiful 3003MT ruby red painted doors put on our old kitchen.
They replaced the previous glass frames and an open shelf, renewing and reviving the existing furniture.
We are very satisfied with the quality and your service. We thank you cordially"
- High gloss lacquered door, Rubino Red finish

Gullo Rosa
Varese - January 2019

"I am very satisfied, Idoors is a serious and reliable company. They delivered perfect doors, the materials correspond to what was published on the website and above all I received an excellent communication and customer service regarding orders. I highly recommend this company".
- Classic door Grecale, white color.

Sauro Rossi
Arezzo - October 2018

People at Idoors have been really nice and helpful. The delivered doors completely match the given sizes and arrived perfectly packed with no damages. The staff has been very helpful in solving any kind of problem and the material arrived within the estimated delivery time. I'm very proud of my new kitchen. Special thanks to Francesca and Andrea
- FOFR01 PVC wood door Profile SHAKER + SLAB

Piccinini Sigismondo
Magenta - August 2018

We are very happy and satisfied with your product, which arrived flawlessly and safely packaged in order to not damage the doors. We are recommending your company to friends and acquaintances who come to visit us and look at your doors.

Barbara Trovato
Messina (IT) - July 2018
The product received is very good, I would contact you shortly because I will need other panels similar to those already sent... In the meanwhile I'm sending you the pictures of the panels assembled
- FENIX London grey
Daniela Faraboschi
Milano - February 2018

I ordered 2 lacquered doors Ral 9010 for a closet that I need to renovate. The order has been processed on schedule. The doors are perfect. Lacquering and Ral exactly as I wanted. Perfect measures to the millimeter. What else...if I need other doors or accessories I will know who to turn to!
- lacquered doors Ral 9010

Marco De Amicis
Rome - February 2017

"Excellent Italian company, kind and professional staff, always ready to give advice and propose alternative solutions.
The products are of high quality at a low price in my opinion. I am absolutely satisfied of the result. "
- LACQUERED doors: signal yellow, matt finish RAL1003
- LACQUERED doors: pure white, matt finish RAL9010

Alessandro Bruno
Treviso - February 2018
I am really very satisfied. At Idoors I've found professionalism, availability and kindness of the staff. I can only recommend Idoors. The kitchen looks like new.
- Kitchen in Melamine, color Grey Walnut
Ivan Baldan
Venezia - February 2018
I bought red high gloss doors to renovate my kitchen...excellent quality I'm very happy.
- RAL3003 glossy lacquered door
Filie' Pietro
Imperia - January 2018

Excellent service, perfect doors and delivered on time with perfect packaging. Great cordiality in all phases of the order. I would recommend this service to all those who want to reneovate their kitchen. I have assembled everything by myself and with a little 'manual skills it is not so difficult. This is the finished work. Pietro
- PVC FOMT00 and FOMT11 model PRESA

Stefano Armanini
Savona - September 2017
I am completely satisfied, an excellent service on the whole process, from the initial contact for the quotation to the assistance during the supply phase until the shipment. Nothing to complain.
- High gloss door RAL3003
Daniel Gologoz
Roma - July 2017
Completely satisfied. Excellent quality and excellent service and support. Thank you
- LACQUERED doors: Puro white, matt finish RAL9010
Doddi Federica
Roma - May 2017
Courtesy and professionalism...really good! Recommended for anyone who wants to renovate their environments at competitive prices!
- RAL9003 high gloss
Flavio Alifuoco
Rome - May 2017
To create his wardrobe, Mr. Flavio chose our RAL 9010 glossy lacquered doors.
- doors LACQUERED: glossy pure white RAL 9010
Antonio Girotto
Vicenza - February 2017

I found iDoors through the web. I immediately realized that it was the door supplier I was looking for!
On their site it is immediately clear what they do and in a few clicks you immediately understand if the product you are looking for is among those proposed by them. I opted for high gloss doors in white polymer.
Their organization is impeccable and in a few minutes I proceeded to ask for a quote.
What about the prices? Excellent! I confirmed everything and then waited for the three weeks agreed and I received the doors. All perfect except for my mistake on some dimensions. I was fully satisfied.
I would recommend iDoors to all the people who wants to pay the right price for a quality product. Thanks iDoors
- PVC doors, glossy white FOHG01

Morelli Matteo
Varese - February 2017

I discovered Idoors through the internet and thanks to the simplicity of the calculating system, I tried to ask if they were doing custom-made work.
The customer service is very kind and give quick answers. They gave me the opportunity to get quotations in a short time, even if there were changes from the first request to the final order they don't create any problem.
The excellent products with a wide selection of finishes allow to carry out all kinds of work. Even on particular requestes they try to find the right solution.
A good partner for my job. I would recommend.
- PVC FORV02 wenge
- satin glass pearl white door

Careglio Massimo
Milano - January 2017

I just wanted to let you know our complete satisfaction about your products.
We have completed the replacement of all the doors, and we have evaluated the quality of your products.
The photos of the "transformation" from the old kitchen to the new one are receiving very positive feedback on social media, and many contacts are asking for information about your company.
- RAL7016 anthracite grey high gloss lacquered
- High gloss PVC: Ferrari Red finish FOHG21

Morra Fabrizio
Asti - April 2016
I am very satisfied of your products. Thank you
- White high gloss PVC, slab and Presa profile.